Artist's Statement

Colors of Fenway is a collection of drawings that uses color to create a psychogeographical “map” of Boston’s Fenway area. Each drawing is a low-poly vector version of a photo, and each photo is of a distinct section of Fenway. These sections include The Fens park, a residential area, Fenway Stadium, and a commercial district.

My goal with this piece is for my audience to get a sense of what each part of Fenway feels like through something as simple as color. Translating photos into a collage of 2D organic shapes abstracts away from individual details that are irrelevant to understanding the essence of each location.

Alongside each drawing is a color palette created from the main colors in the drawing. I urge my audience to recognize that the color palettes are not curated nor planned, but rather directly extracted from the natural or man-made surroundings I encountered. We often do not pay attention to how well the colors of our environment work together. Colors of Fenway intends to address that and encourage an appreciation for the colors that characterize our everyday surroundings.